“Golf-Park DV” – a resident of Vladivostok Free Port

September 10, 2017

LLC “Golf-Park DV” acquired the Vladivostok Free Port residency as a part of Eastern Economic Forum-2017. The relevant agreement was signed by Director General of LLC “Golf-Park DV” Mr. Sergey Labutin and Director General of “Corporation for the Development of the Far East” JSC Mr. Denis Tikhonov.

As a part of the investment project, “Golf-Park DV” plans the integrated construction of intellectual ecocity with a golf park in Nadezhdinsky district of Primorsky region. Total investments in the project will amount to 5 bln. rubles. When implemented, the project will create 277 new jobs.

The facilities planned to be built on over 310 ha include a 18-hole golf course with a club house and all necessary infrastructure, a hotel complex with spa centre and restaurants, winter sports centre, residential and commercial properties.

The concept of “intellectual ecocity” implies the use of eco-friendly energy sources and materials and innovative methods of management of residential and transport infrastructure in the settlements, which will help to create an intellectual sustainable community with a focus on environment, sport, health, and creative lifestyle.

As Director General of “Golf-Park DV” company Mr. Sergey Labutin said, creation of the state-of-the-art recreational facility with multi-purpose infrastructure will promote the development of tourism and investment prospects of Primorsky region. Preferential tax regime for Vladivostok Free Port residents is an economically efficient measure of support which significantly affects the financial performance of the Project. VLADIVOSTOK GOLF CLUB & RESORT is a large-scale project, and as such, it requires considerable long-term investments. It is a real challenge for investors in these hard times. Suffice to say that the land plot in question was allocated for construction of a golf park as early as in 2008, but its owner was trying to raise necessary investments for nearly 10 years. The reason why we ventured to start the implementation of the Project this year is that due to application of Vladivostok Free Port preferential regime the efficiency of the Project increases by 29% on the average %”.

In case the project of construction of thematic settlements around the golf course (within 10+ years’ planning time-frame) is successfully implemented, one may consider the possibility of construction of the children’s play centre (playgrounds, climbing centre, high-rope course, mini golf, Frisbee golf), fitness centre, aqua park, horse-riding club, tennis courts, multi-purpose sports grounds, shops and other present-day facilities.

At present, “Golf-Park DV” is engaged in front-end engineering design on the plot. The concept and financial model of VLADIVOSTOK GOLF CLUB & RESORT project are developed by Knight Frank company. The 18-hole golf course is designed by the team of Finnish company GolfArk, including the globally renowned golf designer Ronald Fream. The Project is to be implemented in several stages. Creation of all infrastructure facilities is planned until 2030.