Golfzon simulator

December 3, 2017

“Golf-Park DV” has purchased Golfzon golf-simulator. The nearest plans are to start teaching company staff a golf playing technique.

Golfzon golf-simulator is a unique high tech equipment providing the opportunity to play golf indoors. The cutting-edge technical solutions will help you finding yourself at a real golf course and will change the traditional concept of indoor golf.

A separate premise was provided for simulator installation where company staff started learning screen-golf with a professional coach Pak Vyacheslav. A personalized timetable and learning system is proposed for every coachee. During training future golfers will familiarize themselves with golf rules and etiquette, find out peculiarities of different clubs, make their own first hits and obtain swing improvement recommendations. 

Today GOLFZON company is an undoubted leader among world golf-simulator manufacturers. Thanks to the highest levels of products, unique technologies, the best service and technical support, the company’s golf-simulators are recognized by the customers in more than twenty countries all over the world.