Corporate tournament “The First Hole”

April 26, 2018

On April 24-25 a screen-golf corporate tournament “The Fist Hole” was held among “Golf-Park DV” and “Areal-Property” staff.

The tournament was held on the basis of Golfzon simulator belonging to Vladivostok Golf Club, bringing together 14 participants. They are the company employees that have been training at the golf-simulator with a professional coach for four months. Basic knowledge and skills were obtained as well as the first holes were walked through during that time.

The competition among men and women was supported by Primorsky Regional Golf Federation LLC and was held during 2 days. All participants were divided into pairs to walk through 9 three-paired holes. As a result of the first day the finalists were determined: 4 men and 4 women who were to walk another 9 three-paired holes during the second day.

The games were challenging and excitable. The results were summed for 2 days.

So, as a result of the games the prize places were as follows:

All tournament members were awarded with honorable diplomas and medals. The winners were awarded with memorable cups. Labutin Sergey (Director General of “Golf-Park DV”) and Ivanova Kseniya (Vladivostok Golf Club project marketer) also received corporate caps from tournament sponsor “For the Best Technique” and were invited to golf tournament SHMAKOVKA OPEN devoted to the opening of the season.

“It is a great honour to work in a team where a new culture is being generated and implemented.  Golf culture in Vladivostok.  Now I’m going to have another shot at a real course, but not on a simulator”, – Kseniya Ivanova, the winner among women said.