Whether you are planning to prepare for a major tournament or had your round cancelled due to bad weather, golf simulator Golfzon will become a perfect and exciting option for you. Golf simulator Golfzon will open the fascinating world of golf for everyone!


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Golf simulator Golfzon is a unique high-technology equipment package providing the opportunity to play golf indoors. The cutting-edge technical solutions will help you to feel as if you were on a real golf course and will change the traditional concept of indoor golf!

Golf wherever, whenever

Present-day golf simulator is the result of development of innovative technologies for alignment of virtuality and reality which allows everyone to enjoy playing golf regardless of natural and climatic conditions.

Personal solutions
The simulator was developed on a module basis; various types of software and equipment make it possible to adapt the simulator to specific tasks.

Innovative measuring system

High-speed camera sensors with infrared lighting precisely measure the parameters of club movement and ball rotation during the impact, thus helping to make all types of blows, including fade and draw.

Online service

All players’ statistics are stored on the server, making it possible to track the player’s personal progress and to review the best blows.

Participation in tournaments

You can take part in tournaments. Stability and precision meet the requirements for the highest-level tournaments.

Effect of real play 

160 GOLF COURSES IN THE MIDST OF Vladivostok. An unmatched advantage is a wide selection of golf courses with excellent graphics. Top-level detailing of the picture makes your play exciting and colourful, and using various modes will increase the efficiency of your practice!

Personal account 

Each player can track his/her progress and analyze his/her mistakes at any place where Internet is available. Now even a newcomer can easily make a training program for oneself.

Choice of clubs

Option of customizing the range of blow using different types of clubs.

Various data during the game

Distance, difference in elevation, wind direction etc.


Detailed information about the score available during the game.

Video replay system

Frontal and side view cameras with the function of blow tracing and comparison will make the individual practice just as helpful.



If you wish to join the golf world, you can start your training with a well-qualified coach. Or, if you already have some basic skills, you can practice screen golf alone to improve the level of your playing.

Individual training session at the simulator with the coach

1 hour – 2,100 rubles

Simulator rental without coaching services for 1 player

1 hour – 1,000 rubles

Simulator rental without coaching services for 2-3 players

1 hour – 1,500 rubles

Golf programs

Basic course (novices)

Lesson 1. Introduction to the game, posture, grip, first hits.

Lesson 2. What is Putting?

Lesson 3. Golf clubs and their choice, chipping

Lesson 4. Pitching

Lesson 5. Full swing

Lesson 6. Swing details, technique improving

Lesson 7. Hitting woods

Lesson 8. Swing details, technique improving

Lesson 9. Game pace, rules, preparation for playing at a course

Lesson 10. Playing a hole from tee to green.

10 lessons / 1 hour – 20,000 rubles


Course for playing golfers

Hitting technique improving. Correction of mistakes. Elaboration of a set of recommendations and exercises for self-training for 2-3 months

5 lessons / 1 hour – 12,500 rubles


Course for Children

For children under 18 years old

5 lessons / 1 hour – 5 000 rubles

Simulator opening hours

Monday – Sunday (daily) from 10:00 to 21:00




Years in playing – 13.

Many-times participant, medalist and prize-winner of various regional club tournaments and competitions.

Prize-winner of the Russian Student Sports Union Championship.

Member of Primorsky region golf team.

Years in coaching – 8.

Coaching achievements:

  • V Summer Russian Student Spartakiad 2011 – 4th team place.
  • VII Summer Russian Student Spartakiad 2015 – 3rd place in male team event

Coachees of Vyacheslav Pak took part in and showed excellent performance at many all-Russian-level competitions, such as Individual Championships of Russia, Youth Spartakiad, Student Spartakiad.

Vyacheslav completed the Golf Instructor Development Course “Golf training for children and adults” in Samara Regional Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Educators.

Head Coach of Primorsky region golf team.


For more details about terms of visit, call: + 7 (423) 264-78-24, +7 (991) 392-16-53.

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* Activities on individual and group sport trainings at golf-simulator are conducted by the individual entrepreneur Pak V.M. (TIN (INN) 253703260622).