About the investment project

  • LLC “Golf-Park DV” acquired the Vladivostok Free Port residency as a part of Eastern Economic Forum-2017.
  • As a part of the investment project, “Golf-Park DV” plans the integrated construction of intellectual ecocity with a golf park in Nadezhdinsky district of Primorsky region. Total investments in the project will exceed 4,2 bln. rubles. When implemented, the project will create 273 new jobs.

Initial concept of the territory development


  • The main idea of the project is creation of a unique for Russia grand-scale eco-zone including a golf club, an integrated all-season resort and a suburban residential cluster.
  • The project is going to be unique as it is designed to build a sustainable community oriented towards ecology, health, sports and active lifestyle.
  • The golf park is supposed to become a basic anchor component for attracting a relevant audience of a future new eco-settlement.

Region location advantages

  • The basic element of the future concept – the golf club – is optimal for placement on the site under study.
  • The main target group here will be foreign players, primarily from Korea, Japan and China. Given the popularity of golf in these countries, the transport accessibility of this project for them, and the growing interest in the region as a whole, one can expect that interest in the first major golf project in the region will be great.

Overall site information

  • The permitted use of the land plot is fully consistent with the project concept
  • The development rules for the land plot area are fully consistent with the project concept

Cadastral number - 25:10:010102:176
Square - 3 105 067 m2
Permitted use – an 18 hole, 9 hole golf course, administrative and household buildings, low-rise residential development, hotel, motel, camping, sports constructions

Rights to the site
The object of the valuation is in state property prior to the delimitation of land rights
LLC «GOLF-PARK DV» possesses a long-term lease right for the object of valuation

Characteristics of the site location

A more continental climate in the site location compared to Vladivostok, Russky Island and Murav’inaya bay provides more favorable conditions for a golf resort functioning:
  • an earlier spring,
  • more sunny days during the spring-summer period,,
  • fewer days with precipitation and fog.

Number of days in the year suitable for playing golf on the site — 199 days

Source: weather station Timiryazevskiy, All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information

Golf course designer

Ronald Fream has designed more than 240 golf courses around the world: in Asia, Europe, America. Among them, there is a project near Singapore, for which a golf course was elevated from the sea bottom: sand was raised, enlarging the area of the island Sentosa.

Ronald Fream also projected the course of one of South Korea’s most famous golf clubs on Jeju Island «Nine Bridges» that for many years has been one of the top 100 golf courses in the world according to the US Golf Magazine and considered the best golf course of South Korea.

Knight Frank’s research conclusion

Among the unique features of the project the following may be noted:

  • the concept presupposes the creation of a unique for the Far-Eastern district resort, complex by the nature of the territory development and unique by the composition of services: golf, all-season resort;
  • the project is fully integrated into the strategy of socio-economic development of Primorsky region as the center of tourism industry of the Far Eastern region (prognosis — over 100 thousand tourists a year);
  • the concept generates employment for more than 200 permanent residents, and in seasonal peaks — up to 400 jobs additionally.

Analysis of the economic effectiveness of the developed concept has shown that it is was not only efficient for the project’s owner, but also had a considerable effect on the economy of the region due to the significant volume of investments and creation of new jobs.

273 new jobs

The direct effect on employment situation is reflected in 109 new jobs in the golf club which will be created. For hotel with its planned 3-4 star rating, headcount will be equal to 56 people (8 people per 10 rooms) and more. Total number of jobs to be created as a result of the integrated project implementation will be equal to 273.

Overall master plan

Final Master Plan Layout

Project phasing

Phase Objects Duration
1 Golf course (9 holes as 18)
Driving range
Golf academy
Club house
Rent houses
Recreational facilities
Maintenance facilities
3 years
2 Hotel (3+ stars)
Spa center
Banquet hall
Residential property
Recreational facilities
2 years
3 Golf course (18 holes)
Residential property
Recreational facilities
2 years
4 Golf course (27 holes)
Residential property
Recreational facilities
5 years
5 Residential property
Recreational facilities
5 years
  • Overall estimated project duration is 22 years
  • Active development duration is 17 years
  • Passive development between phase 1 and 2 is 1 year
  • Passive development between phase 3 and 4 is 2 years
  • Passive development between phase 4 and 5 is 2 years

Public Facilities

Central Facilities

Golf Component. Club House


Day Spa Complex​

Indoor Sports Complex

Day Spa Complex
Indoor Sports Complex

Residential Property




Concept Façade Design​

Recreational Component

Fishing Lake​

Summer and Winter Activities Center​

Equestrian Club

Project schedule

June 2017 Signing of a contract with Knight Frank
July 2017 Signing of a contract with GolfArk and Ronald Fream
September 2017 Signing an agreement to become a resident of the free port of Vladivostok
October 2017 Acquisition of a project company LLC «GOLF-PARK DV»
November 2017 Approval of the master plan of the golf component of the project
November 2017 Obtaining technical requirements for the construction of an adjunction from site to the federal highway
March 2018 Approval of the final project concept and financial model
March 2018 Conducting engineering and geological surveys on site
April 2018 Singing of a contract with Citythinking S.L.
April 2018 Signing of a contract with general designer of a project «Argus Art»
May 2018 Signing of a contract with Braemar Golf
July 2018 Approval of final master plan of the project
July 2018 Set up of grass testing plots
September 2018 Obtaining technical requirements for the construction of the project on site
December 2018 Approval of the construction documentation for the project
March 2019 Obtaining a construction permit for the project
March 2019 Signing  of a contract with a general contractor for the 1st phase of the project
April 2019 Start of a construction of the 1st phase of the project